SwiftUI is an amazing new framework to build UIs, and one it’s defining features is Xcode’s previews, which allow you to code a UI live for the first time in iOS; Core Data is also an amazing platform, but a replacement is due, personally I hope they’ll announce a declarative new framework, built for Swift this WWDC 21, but meanwhile this guide will allow you to maximize your productivity using both frameworks.

Here’s a sneak peak of the final syntax you’ll use in this guide:

When implementing internationalization for your iOS apps, you might find yourself repeating some code; you can make your life easier by using a computed property such as .localized, that returns the localized String, that’s cleaner and understandable.

In this Article I’ll layout an advanced technique you can use in Enums, such as the List of Restaurant Categories, Languages, or Countries. I’ll assume you already have your project set up for localization.

Now Enums are a powerful way to add list such as these, since you have access to protocols such as CaseIterable, where you can call MyEnum.allCases

I learn how to code in Swift at the beginning of last year, and it was great!, I had little-to-no experience in software development, but eventually I became an iOS developer and was intrigued by the web development world, so I gave it a shot. I’ll tell you my experience on learning web development being a iOS developer, and the challenges I faced, so you can a have a smoother experience.

Swift was a great first language to learn, I was immediately introduced to type-safety, although I didn’t know it was a big deal; optionals, though didn’t know their true…

Andy Nadal

Software Entrepreneur

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